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A guide to All-Terrain Tyres

Many vehicles come equipped with a highway terrain tyre, also known as HT tyres, that are designed to provide a comfortable, quiet ride on paved roads. They have a less aggressive tread pattern than all-terrain tyres, which results in great fuel efficiency. Additionally, the reduced road noise makes for a great first impression for potential new owners test driving the vehicle.

For many SUV and 4WD owners, the lure of taking their vehicles into more remote areas, and off sealed roads is very attractive and so, the OE (original equipment) tyres are not up to the task, which is why many owners upgrade their tyres to all terrains.

All-terrain tyres, commonly just called ‘AT’ tyres, are a type of tyre that are a hybrid design that work well on a variety of different surfaces, including pavement, gravel, and off-road terrain. Compared to HT tyres, AT tyres are built with stronger and more rugged designs to withstand the demands of heavier duty and off-road use.

Attributes of All-Terrain tyres

All-terrain tyres are a popular upgrade for drivers looking for a tyre that can handle a variety of different driving conditions, including both on and off-road. AT tyres feature more aggressive tread pattern than highway tyres, which helps to improve traction on loose surfaces like gravel or dirt.

In general, all terrain tyres are a compromise between on road manners and off road performance, but these versatile tyre designs are some of the best options available if you:

  • Have one vehicle that you use all the time and take everywhere
  • Frequently find yourself driving off road but on road handling is not something you want to compromise too much on
  • Encounter various road conditions such as mud, rocks, snow or sand
  • Prefer a more aggressive visual look to your tyres
  • Require a more durable tyre than the OE tyres
  • Don’t want to sacrifice too much in the way of fuel economy

4WD vehicle on damp dirt road.

For drivers who have multiple vehicles, or drivers who want to focus more on off-road and rugged terrain capabilities such as deep mud, rocks or other extreme conditions, a mud terrain (MT) tyre might be more appropriate. Mud terrain tyres forgo many on-road sensibilities and are often loud and uncomfortable tyres, but offer exceptional performance away from the tarmac.

All Terrains Vs High Terrain Vs Mud Terrain Tyres

We’ve covered what ATs are and why they’re amazing, but how do they compare to other common types of tyres such as highway terrain and mud terrain tyres?

Each category of tyres has it’s own benefits and drawbacks, and there are several situations where an all terrain tyre might not be the best option, for example:

Mostly Paved Road Driving:

If an overwhelming majority of your driving is on paved roads, you may prefer the road gripping and handling that a highway terrain tyre offers. These tyres are designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride on paved roads and generally offer better fuel efficiency than all-terrain tyres.

Better Fuel Efficiency

All-terrain tyres are designed to perform well on a variety of different surfaces, which can result in a higher rolling resistance than other types of tyres. For the best fuel efficiency, consider a sealed-road optimised tyre such as highway terrain tyre.

More Off Road Performance:

At some point, the versatility of an all terrain tyre is too much of a compromise. At this point, stepping up to a dedicated mud terrain tyre is going to provide much more durability and performance. Many mud terrains negatively affect fuel economy and comfort however, as well as being very loud at higher speeds on-road.

Overall, it depends on the driver's specific needs and the type of driving you do. Consider your driving conditions, including the types of roads you frequently drive on, and your desired level of off-road capability when deciding what tyres you should fit next!

Selection of 4WD tyres, ranging from a highway tyre to aggressive all terrain tyres.

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